The Gathering

I started hearing about a movement……….I thought it was just a U.S. movement. No. World wide………… question? WHY in heaven’s name are people against all abortion (how about the baby whose organs were all outside its body and the heart was going to give out – at five months – you people I guess never took a genetics class or talk to real people). Why are they also against birth control? Maybe it’s because their groups want their numbers to skyrocket. Hey, I hadn’t even thought about that until just now.

Anyway – The Gathering and other extreme groups…………real extreme. Oh, did you know that the number of women involved in “gangstalking” is higher than men? That was in some article. I don’t know if it is true. But, imagine husbands or ex’s who want revenge………..what a better way to not have to get a divorce than to push that person over the edge. I wonder…………Stronger than he thought. Never underestimate someone with my genealogy and family and the hells I have been through.  Put together to read about The Gathering. Wonder if there are any people besides White Caucasians in this group.


National Christian Foundation    I didn’t know that you can maximize your giving by setting up your portfolio with a group like this. Did see more than White Caucasians…………..mostly in roles of needy but I did see one Latino giving business advice. Sure they must be broader than just white. Though not in Sebastopol or Petaluma. 99%

Oh……………..look up the Founding Fathers and their Christian Beliefs. Thomas Jefferson was a Deist and look at his Jeffersonian Bible. John Adams? But, these groups are worse that the ones who wrote my history textbooks…………….they can’t handle the truth, so they are going past white washing history and rewriting it. Well, pretty close the two.

I thought I had come up with the term Neo Christian, but it has been around for decades……referring to a movement from years back. This guys take on Neo Christian  is what I think of as Neo Christian. Someone who wants to shove their beliefs upon you…………and even though God is the one who is supposed to “judge”………..there is the “You can’t be Christian because you are okay with Homosexuality…………heard about the anti miscarriage drug that leads to a higher rage of homosexual boys. Oh yeah…………’s all choice. No, nothing to do with hormones or just who you are. Tell that to Mark – a friend who was an Eagle Scout and went on a double date with my ex and myself.

Totally off topic, but I am interested in this group.



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