Idiots Where I Live

So, this lady in Capri Creek Apartments goes racing around the corner going right as I enter Capri Creek Apartments in Petaluma, CA. Then she goes all the way down the row, turns left and completely parks in the handicapped spot across from my parking spot. I had to pull in when I wasn’t quite straight to allow her to back out and pull in straight. I park. Then, she suddenly pulls out and goes back the way she came.

Well, I’m tired of these people who drive through here at night for no reason. I see people racing through and not stopping. Or, I notice a car and don’t see it ever again – after it had raced by. So I THOUGHT I had recorded this person’s plate. I thought I recorded the car put on its back up lights. Strange, right after you pull in. I figured the person didn’t live here and would drive right out. I drove around to get my mail, then back on through. The car was still there. Strange thing is that it took me a while to go around and get my mail and drive back. Then, this lady comes up. Scared me. No one was there and then she was.

She starts hassling me about taking a video of her car or SUV or whatever it was. It was black. I explain that we have had a lot of vehicles drive through and around with no reason to stop. There was someone over to her right my left. I saw a shadow. I should have looked further, but she wouldn’t stop talking. I told here that I had been harassed and even had the police file a report. She sort of backs down and calms down. At least it seemed so to me. She, a bit sarcastically, but without rancor in her voice, “thanked me” for being the …………….can’t remember what she said here…………………….watch person for the complex or something like that. Oh, I remember. She backed down when I asked her where she had come from. I asked if she’d been sitting in her car. Talk about suspicious activity. Well, all that to do about  nothin” since I never had pushed the record button.



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